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Eco-Tourism & Transportation Services

MEDITECH-GROUP Eco-Tourism and Transportation Services, provide eco-tourism opportunities to its volunteers and other tourists and transportation services to patients and rural farmers in the hinterland, which has very bad and difficult roads. This unit has proven to be very helpful for the following two reasons: 1) patients with life-threatening cases are rushed to the health facility within a very short space of time; and 2) rural farmers and their produce are transported to urban markets, where they sell their produce at higher prices and faster, thereby empowering them economically and financially, and consequently, making it possible for them to afford basic health care, improve their nutrition and general health status.


Eco-tourism/ecological tourism is a form of sustainable tourism within a natural and cultural heritage with the following benefits:
+ Community participation.
+ Protection and management of natural resources.
+ Culture and indigenous knowledge and practices.
+ Environmental education and ethics.
+ Economic.

All these help to foster the enrichment of host communities and satisfaction of visitors.
Deemed an alternative, Eco-tourism guarantees empowerment among the local communities of Boyo Division where Belo is a Sub Division.
Visit natural areas that conserve the environment and improve the well being of the local peoples and mankind.


+ Trekking & Mountaineering
+ Community Botanical Shrines
+ Bird Watching
+ Wild life Activities
+ Caving
+ Arts & Cultural Gallery


Because of the bad roads within the Belo Valley area, the Medical analyses and treatment unit (clinic) provides the area with an ambulance service aimed at making it expedient and easy for patients to be picked up in their different villages and rushed to the clinic for immediate medical attention and treatment.